John Doe 20



Contract value: AED 34.1 million

Contract duration: 16 months

Client: Al Nabooda Automobiles

Consultant: National Engineering Bureau

Main contractor: Al Sahel Contracting

Completion date: 2016

This state-of-the-art Audi Service Centre was designed according to Audi corporate identity standards, with a built up area of 234,314 sq. ft. The centre contains a basement, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor and roof. Car parking is located in the basement. The ground and mezzanine floors accommodate work bays and the service centre including a reception.

Trans Gulf Electromechanical supplied the following:

Fire Fighting

  • Fire pump x 1 - diesel & electric pump of capacity 1000 GPM @ 10 bars
  • RCC fire water tank x 1 of capacity 60,000 US gallons
  • Sprinkler x 1800
  • Alarm check valve x 3
  • 21/2” landing valve with 30m long hose x 41
  • 1” hose reel with 30m long hose x 41
  • Pre-action valve x 3
  • 6kg DCP & 5kg CO2 fire extinguisher set x 41

Fire Alarm System

  • Fire alarm control panel x 2
  • Optical smoke detector x 305
  • Heat detector x 58
  • Strobe x 83
  • Speaker/sounder x 40